Despite the increasing trend of removing carrier restrictions on Apple devices, many are still reluctant to do the iPhone 4S Unlock process on their devices. Their reluctance may be well-founded after all as the iPhone 4S unlock procedure is a bit complicated than what most device hackers claim them to be.

A device without carrier and manufacturer imposed limitations enable owners to have full control of their devices. It goes without saying of course that removing the SIM restrictions on the device appear to be the logical thing to do so long as carriers and manufacturers continue to insist on putting limitations on the devices.

Here is a brief explanation on how the removal process is usually done.

The iPhone 4S Unlock Process

  1. Removal of the DRM restrictions. This process needs to be done before the actual removal of the SIM restrictions can take place. The removal of the DRM restrictions is another process altogether.
  2. Removal of the SIM restrictions. Another removal tool may need to be downloaded for this process. It is at this stage where the more complicated procedures happen. This includes the stopping of the software that controls the baseband, the editing of the firmware and the execution of the command to remove the SIM limitations.
  3. Reboot. If all goes well, the device should be free of limitations after the reboot.

If all doesn’t go well with the iPhone 4S unlock attempt though, some issues may arise that can cause problems with the functions of the mobile device. Some of these may include problem with displays or some trouble with the softwares running the device.

While some of the issues that come with the iPhone unlock process usually have corresponding fixes, applying it may require a bit of technical knowledge. This is often a dilemma that newbies who dared to do the iPhone unlock process on their own usually find themselves in.

A safe and reliable way to remove the SIM restrictions on the device would be to do iPhone 4S Unlock process with the guidance of expert developers. Their services and their software tools may come at a certain price, but it always come with money back guarantees and even a 24 hour technical support should the process encounter any unforeseen problems.

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An Apple device owner may choose to forgo with the iPhone 4S unlock process spare himself the risks of the entire procedure. However, most other Apple device owners feel that they are within their right to choose how they can use the device they own in the first place. The only way they can do that for now would be to undergo the SIM Removal process.

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Yes, it is legal! It is both embarrassing and demeaning to get on the wrong side of the law. In fact you do not want to imagine that, that could ever happen to you. For that reason many people have associated soft modding with illegality and have therefore stayed away from opening their devices. The few who have done it either know the truth about the issue or are doing it out of sheer intrepid. The question on many peoples minds which needs to be answered is : Is it legal?

This will help people to make informed decisions about their gadgets. It will also help them to get the best services from their idevices. The answer to this question is yes, it is now legal to soft mode your gadget. That means you are able to get all the available services from this idevice as long you have it open. If you want to open it, you can now do it without looking over your shoulder to be sure that no one sees what you are doing. Life has never been this good; now you are free to do what you have always longed to do with your gadget.

Whenever anyone wonders out loud, Is It Safe?” The answer is yes.  However, in undergoing the process, there are advantages and there are also disadvantages, although the former outweighs the later.  The foremost disadvantage is bricking or damaging your device once you installed or run the process wrongly. However, DON’T fret since you CAN reverse the process.  You can go to iTunes and restore your settings to the way it was before.  Since you also tapered your device, the warranty is then void.  But just like reversible bricking, you can restore it to its former setting, hence you can have your warranty back.  Lastly, downloading apps from any vendors aside from the list of vendors when your device was still locked, your device then can be prone from viruses.  So, be wary on where and which site to download.

So, on the question on how secure it is to run a good solution, then there are risks as well as good points on why go for it.  On the contrary, the good points or advantages outweighs the risks especially that bricking and voiding or warranty can be reversed or the device can be restored.  And once you finally decided to run the remedy, you can enjoy many benefits like you can choose other mobile carrier other than your current one. You can choose which call plan and rates are most affordable or within your budget, you can bring and use your device in other countries, and you can also download apps from other vendors. To find out more, please visit: Safely

Regular non-tech users of the latest gadgets normally ask, “Can I Do It?” The simple answer is yes, you can.  This question is usually asked after the device lock-in period has elapsed and the user wants to explore other possibilities in terms of carrier service.  Since your network carriers charges are a bit steep, it is easy to understand that you and other owners will want to have a freedom to choose a carrier that offers the best call plans and the lowest call rates.  Good news is, you can have this freedom and you don’t need to be a tech genius to do so.

You don’t have to be intimidated by technology and seemingly complicated program.  You don’t need to know how the software works in your device to make it capable to use SIM cards from other carriers, and you can get a good list by doing a simple search in the internet.  But what you need to know is to follow simple instructions.  So first, select a software for the remedy, but first make sure that it will work on work computer OS so check if the software is for Windows or Mac OS X.

Second is plug your phone to your PC, and next is click the software launch option and then wait for the program to do its part.  Oh, that’s the fourth step, you just need to wait for five minutes or even less.  So to learn more information, go to: Can It Be Done

One of the most common questions most mobile phone users ask is, “How does it work?” It operates by tweaking or disabling some programs in your gadget that will allow you to free your device from being locked in to the exclusive mobile carrier of Apple.  But before seeing and enjoying the benefits of a lock-free device, you first need to choose if you will be using tools.

Select a solution that works for your computer OS since there are that only works for Windows or Mac OS X alone. Check also if the software will work on the firmware of your device.  And once you selected a software, plug your device, start the process to launch the soft mod, and wait for it finish in say…less than five minutes or even less.  That easy, right? It is as simple as plug and play, or in this case, plug and your device is free.  To better follow the instructions, there are screenshots for each step hence making certain that you can follow and easily download the software completely.  If you want to know more information, visit: How It Works

A simple search in the internet will give you a list of tools. The solution is a set of programs that you can download for free or pay a small fee for.

Once you have chosen your desired software, you can free your gadget from being locked-in in one mobile network, and will give you the liberty to decide, which network provider and call plan that fits you budget.   You can then download apps from other vendors.  Lastly, traveling abroad is fun especially if you can use SIM cards from local phone providers, if the countries you are visiting also use GSM broadband.

Since there are several solutions for you to choose from, it is then essential then to select only the best.  Have the patience to search and read reviews, and you also need to know if the program is compatible to use for Windows or Mac OS X especially that there are dedicated programs specific this.  Some tools are free while there are those that you can purchase for a small amount, but getting free tools or buying one do not really have much difference, aside from the guarantee and tech support that you can call for your queries.  Other than that, it is basically the same—it can free your phone.  Need more info?  Then visit: Software

Nowadays, the craze for the latest Apple mobile phone has skyrocketed.  The same with the question “What is it?” which has become popular in various search engines.  So, the answer to this is basically the process or steps that could help you free your phone from the shackles of lock-in contracts, and give phone owners a freedom to use other SIM.  If the steps are correctly followed, you can then bring and use your gadget when you travel to other countries, assuming that they use GSM networks too.  You can also download apps from other apps vendors other than those what the exclusive network carrier offers.

The question also implies to freeing your phone and freeing yourself from having limited choices by using tools or software that you can download for free like Pwnage Tool, RedSn0w, JailbreakMe, BlackRa1n, Absinthe, GreenPois0n, Seas0nPass, LimeRa1n, Sn0wBreeze, and many other software to choose from. What’s more, you can even solve the SIM lock problem easily all by yourself.  You don’t need to be tech genius to follow simple steps.  It won’t even take more than 5 minutes to completely use the software and you are done.  Also, just in case you opt to shell out some dollars for the software fees, you can do so and gain other advantages like money-back guarantees, and a dedicated tech support to walk you through in each step and answer your questions.  If you want to know more, visit: What It Is

Buying the latest mobile gadget from Apple may need a little tweaking here and there especially on having the problem of SIM lock out of the way.  But why do it?  This question is perhaps what motivated tech savvy to come up with software solution.  It is a challenge that prompted them to study the ins and outs of the state of the art mobile devices, and needless to say that there is no too complicated software for the challenged and motivated tech savvy.  Hence, hackers or call them tech geniuses if you will, had been able to come up with software like App Tapp that let you download apps from other vendors including those you need that will allow you use other SIM from other carriers.

If you are ready to start, then you must be connected to the internet, and loaded with enough patience to follow step by step instructions like:  looking and taking note of the IP address you use for your device, and input it in the Open Connection that you will see after clicking on the Cyberduck.  Going to the General Setting, look for the Auto-Lock and set it to Never, and overwriting some files in your gadget that will probably take some minutes of 20 or less.  Once download is complete, which receiving a ‘congratulations’ notification will tell you that it is, you will be able to use other SIM aside from the one provided by exclusive carrier identified by Apple.  For further inquiries and information, visit: Why

In the US, the state-of-the-art mobile phones of Apple have a lock-in period that will stop you from using SIM cards from other networks.  It will limit you to download apps from other sites, limits your choices in customizing or personalizing your device, and limits your freedom to choose a different provider.  Needless to say, you won’t be able to choose lower call rates from other carriers.  With this, the only probable solution is to soft mod your phone by following these step-by-step instructions.

First, choose a software to use for the task.  You can use software like RedSn0w, Pwnage Tool, Sn0wBreeze, JailbreakMe, GreenPois0n, Absinthe, Seas0nPass, LimeRa1n, BlackRa1n, and many others.  Carefully read the description or specifications to determine if it is for Mac OS X or for Windows. Also, there are software with minimal fees that offer guarantees, and have a dedicated tech support just in case you will have a hard time following the instructions.  Next is to plug your phone to your computer, and install the software automatically.  You can click ‘Run’ to launch the program and click the button that will show up .  To complete the process, you need to reboot your phone and you are done.  You don’t need to be a tech savvy and intimated by how the process works since the process is simple, and you can easily finish it in just a few minutes. Screenshots are also available to aid you in each and every step. Visit: Instructions

Finding ways to iPhone 4S unlock 5.1.1 is no more a difficult task for ordinary people like me, you and thousand other cell lovers. There are several ways to crack your idevice within a few minutes and can enjoy all the pleasure and infinite fun with the Apple device that are usually restricted.

After cracking you will consider your idevice as the best thing on the face of earth but, it can get fatal if not handled with care. Here is the stepwise process to crack down your idevice with Ultrasn0w Fixer.

Process to iPhone 4S unlock 5.1.1

  • Launch Cydia on the idevice and click the “Manage” button on the screen. Now, hit “source”.
  • Touch “Edit” and after that press “Add” you will be asked to add a URL. So, just type “” and hit “add source”. Double check that you have entered “0” not “o” in Sn0w.
  • After the successful addition of the source go to iParelHos repo segment.
  • As the “Ultrasn0w Fixer for 5.1.1” appears on the screen install instantly on your idevice.
  • As the Ultrasn0w fixer gets installed over the device go to the search tab of Cydia and type Ultrasn0w and search it.
  •  As the search completes install it on the idevice.
  • Now restart your device

Congratulations! You finally crack down your idevice just with these simple steps. It is perfect for idevices supported by iOS 5.1.1.

Precautions iPhone 4S Unlock 5.1.1

If you ever face any problem during the process ensure that you have installed the right versions to get things done rightly. All those people who did it in reversed order have to uninstall the packages restart your idevice and then follow the above given guide again to get it done appropriately.

No doubt, markets are over flooded with people claiming for the perfect iPhone 4S unlock 5.1.1 but, no one can believe them blindly and ready to put to risk their expense idevice. So, all those people urging for easy stepwise and hassle free cracking process must consider easy training guide to crack down their idevice at home.

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It is no more a dream to activate any SIM card and any carrier because once you cracked your idevice it becomes accessible for you to enjoy customized themes, Google Maps, You Tube and tons of other apps. Cracking your idevice with the above mentioned ultrasn0w steps is not a difficult task at all.

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