Jul 12


IPhone 4s Unlock 5.0.1 solution is finally grasped by the technology lovers. It is art that appeals a major group of people ranging from teenagers to business tycoons for different reasons. People strongly condemn the Apple’s tight grip over the IOS (Operating system) but, after the introduction of the cracking techniques people now don’t even care about it.

After, cracking cell tech savvy’s got the freedom to access the previously inaccessible tweaks, themes, app and other modifications according to your needs. Here is a stepwise effortless process for cracking your idevice.

Process to iPhone 4s Unlock 5.0.1

  • Launch Cydia on the idevice hit “Manage” tab and hit “source.
  • Click on “edit” and then “add” and put the following URL http://repo.bingner.com. Adding of the source may takes about 10 minutes before it is properly capable to process Repo accurately.
  • Once repo is added just go to the source page by clicking it from installed source list and search the SAM file and install it on the idevice.
  • After the installation of SAM open utility by touching “SAMPrefs icon on the homescreen.
  • Go to “utilities” hit “Deactivate SAM” and hit “clear certs”. Now, go back to the main menu and then to “more information” to double check the “activation State Label” and it will be displayed as “inactivated”.
  • Now, turn the auto connection off.
  • Go to the main settings and push “method” tab and select “by country and carrier option”. You have to select your country where you are going to use your idevice and then the actual carrier. For some of the carriers above one network ID is needed select the SIM ID instead the carrier’s name.
  • Now, go to the cydia click manage then source and hit “Bingner” uninstall SAM.
  • After the uninstallation of SAM touch home button and then go to the setting menu forget Wi-Fi network and ensure that airplane mode is set at “ON”.
  • After, the selection of the carrier that you will use on idevice by going into the “more information” and copy “IMSI number” present in SAM details.
  • Note the IMSI number and push “Spoof Real SIM” to SAM.
  • Now go back to main screen go to Method and touch “manual” tab. Put the IMSI number into the IMSI input field.
  • Now, connect the idevice with the computer and reactivate your cell with iTunes. The label present in details pane and make sure that ICCID match with the SIM card. If there is any difference restart the entire process.
  • Now, go back to SAMPrefs and push “disable SAM” by hitting the “enabled button” to off mode. After it reconnect the cell with iTunes you may pop up with an error message like your cell can’t get activated. Ignore it and restart the iTunes.
  • Now you will see a signal bars on the cell meaning that your cell is cracked.

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People now don’t have to look for any other way to enjoy the unlimited facilities of the idevice. The above mention steps are enough to crack down your idevice successfully.

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