Jul 12

iOS 5

The iPhone 4S Unlock iOS 5 software is one of the latest softwares to be released by Apple hackers. The first iPhone 4S unlock iOS 5 tool was released in early June 2012 and more tools has been released since then.

When it comes to stability however, all the hack tools available for the Apple operating system still have a few issues associated with them. However, these issues are not stopping most device owners who feel the need to remove SIM limitations on their devices. Let us take a look at the more popular tools used in removing SIM restrictions on Apple devices.

Latest iPhone 4S Unlock iOS 5 Tools

  1. RedSn0w 0.9.12 – This tool is by far the most widely used for the particular operating system. While reviews appear to be generally positive for this tool, it is quite a new release and there might be a chance that some of the bugs haven’t been discovered yet.
  2. Ultrasn0w – The developers of this tool has claimed that their most recent updates have been their most stable release yet. However, this particular tool is notorious for being unstable and for having quite a few issues.
  3. Gevey SIM interposer – The use of this method raises questions about ethics. This requires the modification of the SIM card and inserting it into the Gevey interposer.

The first 2 iPhone 4S unlock iOS 5 softwares can be downloaded and used for free and that may appear as good news to some. However, the software doesn’t come with any guarantees and the device owner is usually left on his own to use the software hacks at his own risk.

While most problems encountered using iPhone 4S unlock iOS 5 tools may already have corresponding fixes, applying the corrections may require some technical knowledge on the part of the device owners. However, if someone using iPhone 4S unlock iOS 5 tool has little or no technical knowledge at all, applying the fixes may pose even more problems for him.

A safer alternative to removing SIM restrictions on Apple devices without having to risk using any iPhone 4S unlock iOS 5 tools, is to acquire the services of expert developers. These developers ply their own softwares and services via reputable websites. These people are adept at what they do and their services include money back guarantees and a 24 hour technical support.

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Whichever iPhone 4S unlock iOS 5 software device owners opt to use, the fact still remains that device owners don’t want the restrictions and that they want to use their devices however way they see fit.

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